If you think print is dead, think again. During the 12-year life of Google, magazine readership has increased by 11 per cent. The number of magazines printed during that time has also grown. In fact, business media subscribers demonstrate an overwhelming preference (72%) for printed B2B publications versus digital editions or online content; 52% prefer printed editions only whereas another 23% prefer the printed version in combination with a digital version or online content.

Consider these 10 reasons as to why print is powerful and why B2B magazines are stronger than ever.

  1. B2B ads make business happen. Study after study prove that business media magazines, digital editions, websites, blogs, trade shows, and more help achieve business objectives, both as standalone media or in combination with others. B2B platforms help to drive consideration, negotiation and ultimate purchase.
  2. Business media generates qualified leads: Business leaders read B2B media and respond when looking for information, seeking vendors or screening other potential business partners.
  3. B2B platforms drive the purchase funnel: Magazines are effective across all stages of the purchase funnel, driving awareness and purchase intent (the metric that’s hardest to sway).
  4. B2B advertising drives web searches and visits: Business media platforms are where business professionals go for ideas and inspiration. That’s why B2B ads are leading influencers, driving readers to specific advertiser websites.
  5. Business media delivers brand-relevant imagery: The B2B editorial surround imbues ads with business and brand-relevant imagery, industry associations and a compatible frame of reference that delivers greater reader receptivity to advertising.
  6. Business media offers lasting messaging: B2B ads keep working 24/7. They provide a lasting durable message. Plus, readers clip and save magazine ads for future reference.
  7. B2B media is a credible info source. Business decision makers trust B2B media as leading, objective, source of information that readers use to gather industry intelligence and make important business decisions.
  8. Magazine advertising is relevant and welcomed: Readers value B2B advertising – they read ads almost as much as the editorial itself. The service aspect of ads is accepted as an essential part of the content mix.
  9. Business media advertising is targeted: Business media platforms engage readers in very individual ways. There’s a B2B magazine, blog, website or trade show for virtually every industry need. Use business media to reach your target audience with laser-like precision in a meaningful way – a way in which other communication vehicles can’t compete.
  10. Business media reaches decision makers: B2B media are go-to sources for business decision makers and buyers looking to stay informed about their industry sources.