The Gender Equality Award

In 2019 WITHOrg introduced the inaugural Gender Diversity Award, an initiative that will recognize a company, individual, team, group or network initiating and leading action to remove barriers, improve the working experience and engagement levels of employees while demonstrating excellence in the delivery of services to all genders.

The winning company will have a demonstrated track record that incorporates the introduction of measurable wage strategies and equal pay, advancement of women to senior leadership roles, gender targets, as well as the introduction of unconscious bias training for all managers.

The winner aims to make leaders accountable for setting an inclusive tone in the workplace, improve internal transparency of their performance on gender and break down the barriers that staff identify as holding back women in the workplace. The measures in the strategy are specific, ambitious and innovative.


Deadline for Submission: Monday August 24, 2020


For more information contact: Jhanelle Porter (416) 447-0888 ext. 229.

  • 1. Measurable ways in which the company acts as a leader in championing gender equality.

    Please provide examples of how the company:
  • 2. Demonstrated commitment to move towards 50 per cent women on the Board of Directors and senior leadership by 2030:

  • 3. Measurable ways in which the company has increased the number of women promoted to senior roles.