Since 1996, CHD Expert worldwide has been assisting clients, both in Europe and North America, by providing them with a vision and an in-depth understanding of the foodservice and hospitality market.  Now CHD Expert Canada is positioned to provide a Canadian perspective, offering a combination of expertise, technology, and an in-depth knowledge to provide  clients exceptional solutions, solve their  problems, and anticipate tomorrow trends.

Currently our Canadian database contains more than 90,000 establishments. How is this accomplished? With international headquarters based in Lyon, France, CHD Expert operates in more than 14 countries around the world. CHD Canada’s commitment is to provide superior quality information, value-added services and innovative solutions to help foodservice and hospitality companies get closer to their customers, potential customers and market segments. These are all critical components to reach our goal of achieving your business growth requirements and 100 per cent total satisfaction. Need additional information? Contact Jim Kostuch, General Manager Canada, TrainCan at




Since 2011, Toronto-based Kostuch Media and Chicago-based Technomic Inc., have entered into a strategic Partnership agreement and marketing alliance. The two companies partner on the Top 100 Report, currently produced annually by Foodservice and Hospitality. The annual reference tool is published annually in June. Additionally, Technomic also produces the Top 200 Report.

In addition to the Top 100 and Top 200 Reports, Technomic also contributes to the Top 100 Breakfast, held annually in June. Technomic headlines a presentation focusing on in-depth analysis from the report, highlighting such areas as segment reports (QSR, Fine Dining, Contract Caterers, et cetera); menu trends analysis and other topics. The two leading companies also partner on the Restaurant Trends & Direction Insights Conference, which takes place annually in October. The conference highlights industry trends with a particular focus on today’s foodservice Consumer. As part of this marketing alliance, Kostuch Media markets Technomic’s full stable of Canadian products, including, but not limited to, the online databases, Canadian Foodservice Digest, and The Canadian Healthy Eating Consumer Trend Report




Kostuch Media has a working relationship With Fisher Hospitality Group and Ryerson University, jointly producing The Bottom Line, published annually as a digital product. This comprehensive report offers a detailed look at the operations side of the restaurant business focusing on statistical data to help benchmark a restaurant’s performance vis à vis industry standards. In only a few years, the online report has quickly become a trusted source of data on restaurant performance and is useful in providing operational data to industry members, assisting them to achieve better results through a more sophisticated understanding of the restaurant industry in Canada, by sectors.